Friday, July 11, 2014


Well this online experiment didn't really work for me.

However, I did may a year of eating in. I burned only a few dishes and tried things that looked funny. But all in all I'm a much better cook.

Two years later, we rarely eat out and only for special occasions or nice treats.

The kitchen is finally! a working cook's kitchen. And I love making yummy home cooked meals for my growing family.

- This is my last post. And well lets be honest, I didn't really feed this blog... it died before the last supper!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Posting Catch-Up


I tried using Wordpress but it was so cumbersome and super hard to use. Even though blogger has made it harder to customize my blog the way I used to, it still is far better than word press.

You can see for yourself. Unsuccessful Agnew Eats Blog

So I'm migrating all the content I had saved in either posts or drafts to this blog.

For a few posts you will see the date of when it was written an then fade away once I'm all caught up.

Can't fear trying something new. Sometimes it just doesn't work out.

One Month Down!

February 2, 2012

After a month of figuring out what worked, here is what I have discovered.

1. I tried using E-mealz. With the help of Groupon my subscription was free! Their program gives you weekly meal plans that have the shopping list divided into areas of the store and easy recipes to assemble. This was a good frame work to use to help get me started. I made the mistake of switching plans and I'm not happy with the meal plans. So they give me a start but I combine it with additional recipes.

2. What store do prefer to shop? What makes them different or the same? Where do I get the best quality, price, experience and variety?
So far I've gone to:
Whole Foods
Super Target

I still need to try:

3. Not all food is the same. This little girl illustrates my point perfectly.

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4. I'm not taking pictures of dishes that don't workout. Maybe this is a mistake. So far I've only had a few flops.

Posts to come...

1.Where is the food. I know, I know. I'm on it. I will share the recipes and photos of all the dishes I've made that have been worth keeping in rotation.

2. Grocery store audit.

3. My kitchen isn't user friendly.

4. Baby food than not only is better for baby but cheaper too!

5. Here are other our Experiments in 2012.

Happy Cooking!

Meal Planning 101

January 9, 2012
Meal planning has never been my strong suit. But it must be done to stay within budget, not waste food and know what to buy.
Having a Plan.
Know what I’m going to make and have the ingredients already purchased. Prep work can be trouble shooted when I know what to expect.
Leave it to a quick google search, “Meal plan worksheets”:
Worksheet and good article from Unclutterer : Erin says there are two types of meals utilitarian and everything else…
utilitarian meals, the ones that often begin with phrases such as “What’s for dinner?” and “I’m starving…If you don’t have an organized meal plan, it can be easier to head to a fast food joint than to create a nutritious meal at home.
Momicon has a nice short article meal-planning-101 : It seems to be all in the prep.

There are also lots of paid for advise but this seem like a topic that we should be sharing not selling. But how knows I could change my mind.

Relish, Feast or Famine

January 7 ,2012
Can it be done? Not eating out for a whole year? I'm kind of nervous about this new experiment. 
Juggling working schedules, a baby and a seven-toed cat. In theory of course but it always seems like there isn’t enough time in the day. Will it be like working out. It sucks for a few weeks but after sometime you looking forward to being soar, getting sweating, beating your last best time or mastering a yoga pose.
For the past week I’ve been asking everyone what would they do with this challenge. And many believe that it just can not be done with how taxed we are for time. Time isn’t my only fear. What will I cook. I only know a few dishes and my husband doesn’t have much of a palette. Also meal planning hasn’t been my strong suit.
The reason I’m even trying, what seems like the impossible, is for Charlie. I want for him a home cooked meal around the dinner table. I didn’t really have this growing up. Dont get me wrong, Mom cooked but this habit grew less and less as I got older. I can’t remember what age I was when we had our last family dinner.
Also a prayer of thanks makes the food taste better. My husband and I have been doing this since the days of dating. When it’s blessed it’s best.
Well more to come. Next post will be a list of fears, questions and wondering of unknowns. Also a review of guidelines that we are going to follow.
I think I will also need to see if I need any new kitchen equipment.
Not eating out for a year, starts now!